There are many steps involved in getting you from where you are to owning a new home. That’s where knowledge and experience come into play. Don’t worry, we will be there to guide you throughout the entire process and help find a property that meets your needs. This includes being present at all visits, advising you through the purchase negotiations, the pre-purchase inspection, as well as financing and finally, completing the purchase. All of these steps may seem overwhelming, but with our help, you will find yourself in your new home before you know it!

Benefits of working with our team

  • Personable
  • Time efficient
  • Vast market knowledge
  • Easily reachable
  • Experienced with different financing solutions
  • Strong network of professional references


Before starting your property search, it is crucial to have a mortgage pre-approval in order to facilitate the search and give us an advantage when negotiating the purchase. This is done through one of our trusted banking partners.

Outlining the Search Criteria

Once we have found properties, we can start the search process. Defining your needs and wants is the first step. How many bedrooms do you need? Is your family growing? City or suburbs? How many bathrooms? Do you need parking? These are all factors that play a significant role in finding you the perfect home. Once we have found a few properties, we can start scheduling visits. Remember that most properties require a minimum of 24 hour notice before scheduling a visit.

Organize your search and take notes on each visit

During visits, review your list of priorities and note the features of each home as well as the impression you get throughout the visit. Our advice and observations will also be useful to you throughout the visit. To help jog your memory, use the documents provided by your broker prior to the visit. Afterwards, take the time to think back and compare your notes, as all information could play a key role in your decision, especially if you are hesitating between two properties.

Determining Fair Market Value

If you are interested in a property, it is important to determine what its true market value is in order to offer a price that will be attractive to both parties, while being in line with the property’s estimated value. We can help you with this because we know the area and we have the necessary tools available to evaluate the market value of a property. We will identify factors that can affect the selling price of a property, such as year of construction, condition, location and more.

Making an Offer and the Negotiation Process

We have now found a home that you love! It is time to prepare an offer outlining our purchase terms. This is where the negotiation process begins.

The promise to purchase must indicate:

  • The price
  • The deadline by which you will have the property inspected
  • The inclusions and exclusions (gas-stove, above-ground pool, dishwasher, etc.)
  • The date and time by which the seller must reply to our promise to purchase
          - After which it becomes null and void
  • The date of occupancy
  • The date of the deed of sale
  • As well as other relevant factors and conditions

Don’t forget this is a negotiation. It usually involves counter proposals, which is where the seller can reply with modifications to some of the terms in our offer. At this point, we have the choice to accept, reply with our own counter proposal, or refuse.

After coming to terms with the seller, we have to complete the conditions specified in the offer. For example, the financing approval, the inspection, review of the documents requested, etc.. After satisfying all conditions, we look forward to signing the deed of sale at the notary’s office.


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